Anthenea is the first floating Eco-lux hotel suite

Floating, round, movable, unsinkable, autonomous, eco-friendly commited, with a full 360° view and submarine sight, Anthenea is a revolutionary habitat for today and tomorrow. It’s a world premiere, 100% made in France.



Anthenea is proud to win the 2019 tourism innovation award !

A close synergy with the sea.

Her sub-marine bay offers to Anthenea’s travelers a wonderful view on sea life & biotope
Take your place on board for a special and unique eco-friendly journey.
An exclusive floating eco-friendly suite.

Anthenea opens a window on the unexpected and wild sub marine ecosystem. The floating loft gives a chance to its guests to get a unique experience on water. As an echo to Baudelaire’s Invitation to the Voyage, Anthenea is a french touch where all is « luxury, peace and pleasure »- a promise of timeless moments.

Anthénea, habitat flottant et suite hôtelière flottante

Investing without shipyard.

An Eco-friendly design :  No sub-marine infrastructure – no under sea wastes or disrespectful facilities towards the ecosystem.

Commissioning in 48h

A return on investment twice faster than a classic hotel suite.

A patented technology, 100% made in France

Anthénea Vue sous marine habitat flottant



Anthenea combines futuristic architectural projects and tomorrow’s floating habitats. Our Alcove offers design , with customized furnishings , and a full comfort with domotics functions for high-end facilities.



  • An amazing living room with both curved sofa and furniture, overlooking submarine windows
  • A cosy bedroom with a wide round bed, a wardrobe and shelves
  • A Bathroom with double sinks and round bathtub with fresh or seawater
  • A fitted and panoramic kitchen
  • Upstairs, a 360°solarium and bar with inclinable umbrella


  • A user domotics remote control
  • A door with pneumatic system
  • An eco-responsible technology for wastewater
  • An eco-lighting indoors, outside and underwater


  • Solar cells on Anthenea’s dome
  • Six powerful batteries
  • Low energy equipment
  • Energy indicator
  • Possibility to recharge from the pontoon


  • Generator
  • Air-conditioning
  • Torqueedo electric motors with batteries
  • Double glazed windows
  • Watermaker
  • Central vacuum cleaner


Anthénea plage et habitat flottant

Various versions

Anthenea can be a loft, a Spa, a boardroom, but also a night club or a restaurant! As a full modular habitat, Anthenea is designed for professionals and private owners…anyone willing to offer their guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience and privileged moment.


A pioneer’s dream

The naval architect, Jean-michel Ducancelle, is Anthenea’s soul and designer. He is first of all a free man committed to his architectural passion ; he has studied for more than 25 years the way humans have developed urban planning. Thus, he has felt the need to reconsider our living space… that’s how Anthenea is born.