Anthenea, an eco-responsible
and self-sufficient nomadic suite

Time will be the master of the one who has no master.

A mobile oasis, Anthénea combines an immersive experience with design based on environmental sustainability. This very first nomadic hotel suite on the water, 100% made in France and eco-responsible, allows to embrace the natural environment while taking part in its preservation. 

Aimed at the tourism actors of tomorrow, this eco-crin offers a sensory and ethical experience for sustainable and unforgettable explorations.


The Smart Floating space

  • Unique and aerodynamic design 
  • 50 m² living space, 360° vision and underwater bay
  • Panoramic solarium 
  • 100% autonomous solution


  • 100% Autonomous: Solar-powered and self-sufficient
  • Zero Impact with no underwater foundation, Ecosystems are preserved
    and the coastline is protected from real estate pressure
  • Extremely Safe: unsinkable
  • Invest without building: A 48h turnkey installation
  • Quick payback with high ROI

A design innovation for the environment

Aerodynamic, unavoidable, unsinkable and stable, Anthénea embodies a new form of connected, autonomous and ecological tourism.

The peripheral crown allows, by its shape and its technology of sustentation, a considerable increase of the stability of form and bearing capacity on water.

The interior design was conceived for a demanding clientele, with a selection of top-of-the-range, durable and ecological materials.

The smart
floating space

On board, you are no longer a consumer tourist, but the explorer of a new world!

With a tablet computer, you can manage all the on-board home automation: automatons, system monitoring, energy management, access and maintenance.

Clean energy
100% electric

Anthénea consumes only solar energy. A dome energy collector meets the needs of electricity and hot water.

The house is equipped with an approved black water station and a grey water station. Anthénea produces what it consumes and rejects only clean water.

The air conditioning is done naturally by the central well.

Anthenea respects the sea bed

Like a lotus flower, Anthenea is placed on the water… It has no impact on the underwater ecosystem and the environment, as it has no foundation thanks to its innovative anchoring system of sand screws.

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