Anthénea and ecology

Anthénea is a new kind of tourism, but also a new way of life in the face of many environmental challenges: rising sea levels, the effects of climate change,

The overdensity of the seashore and places congested by tourism.


« Come exploring a new world aboard Anthenea! »

Aboard Anthenea, you are no longer a tourist consumer anymore, but explorer of a new world! Using a digital tablet you can manage all the on-board automation and create and optimize your lifestyle. The pod is designed to live in harmony with Nature anywhere in the world for a lifetime.

Willing to protect the sea

Anthenea respects seabeds

Like a lotus flower, Anthenea is just set on the water. Sand-screw anchoring allows Anthenea to be anchored with no damage, Anthenea makes no damage nor impact on the underwater ecosystem and environment.

Eco-responsible, Anthenea is 100% recyclable. 

Aerodynamic and stable

Unsinkable & comfortable

Anthenea design has been studied to resist cataclysms and the rise of oceans. Its spherical shape is based on the principle of « surface tension » observed in the nature. This is the optimal form of resistance to extreme conditions on the water.

By its shape and lift on water technology, the peripheral crown enhances the stability of the pod.

Clean energy

100 % electric

Anthenea only uses solar power. An energy sensor dome meets the electrical and hot water needs. The home is equipped with certified black and gray water stations. Anthenea produces what she consumes and releases clean water only.

The central well provides natural air conditioning.

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