Anthenea : an emotional and sensory experience

The first floating eco-luxe suite in the world
The immersive experience

The challenge of tourism industry

With 5* pending hotel constructions pending worldwide, the luxury tourism industry is soaring. Nowadays, the immersive experience and the journey benefit is the answer to meet the needs of travelers looking for the Unusual. 

Tourism industry needs a new and differentiating offer, both in terms of exclusive and ethics experiences.

Anthenea brings a solution to hotels worldwide with a deluxe floating suite, eco-friendly, autonomous and fully equipped.

Eco-friendly responsible

Mobile, unsinkable and autonomous, without underwater foundations, Anthenea is simply set on water and respects the eco-system.

This floating pod equipped with solar panels is self-sufficien. Black and grey waterare treated  on-board.

High-end equipment

Equipment on-board corresponds to the most famous hotels standards: Round king-size bedding, seawater or freshwater bathtub, centralized home automation assistance, solarium for 11 people, and more …

Invest without building

While revealing its underwater window bay, the 360° panoramic view, its design furniture and high-end equipment, Anthenea offers a unique experience to travelers. Autonomous, she allows you to stay in the most confidential places in the world.

Invest without building

A revolutionary refresh in the tourism industry

Thanks to a quick installation and without damaging your environment, Anthenea enhances your hotel offer and makes possible the discovery of the most secret places around.

Thanks to solar energy and wastewater treatment on board, each unit is autonomous and requires no connection to terrestrial networks. The traveling pod can be towed as needed to different locations : seasons, excursions, sites…etc.

Through its sleek and responsible design, Anthenea enhances the visibility of your hotel.

0 %
  • 100 % Made in France
  • A 48h turnkey installation

  • Unsinkable, resists force 6 winds

  • Remote maintenance in real time

  • No underwater foundation that could damage the ecosystem

  • No financial loss towards construction time on site

  • No noise pollution

  • No shipyard pollution

  • No risk to devalue the hotel standing

and delivery

A l'international

First step :
Reception at the factory

Our team welcome you on our naval shipyard in France to validate the good compliance of your Anthénea.

Second step :

After receiving your Anthenea, our team prepare safe and compliant packaging for international shipping.

Third step :

Our team will be by your side on site to receive Anthenea and ensure Anthenea’s installation and handling.

A tailor-made floating village

Anthenea village

A range of hotel suites worthy of the sea.

The village offers the possibility to gather several pods, all linked to a round floating pontoon. According to your hotel needs, one of those pods can be set up as an additional service center such as a diving station, a bar, a Spa or why not a restaurant …

Adapted offer

In order to fit with various uses, different interior design models are possible.
Anthenea’s team thus meet aesthetic requirements (colors, materials, etc.)
to offer you personalized interior design solutions…

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