Anthenea suite : An eco-deluxe journey

Both for Hotels & Private Owners, Our pod offers an unusual and ethical sensory experience.
A stunning view

Softness and light

Directly fed by the sun, Anthenea’s roof can be provided with solar panels whose circular shape is designed to follow the sun’s rays and live as close as possible to Nature’s elements .

Motorized and reclining sunshade roof able to automatically switch in the wind direction, natural ventilation of the living-room and bedroom, removable Solarium windshield in order to create an additional room… Equipment and design choices are inspired by natural elements.

On the roof
of the world

The Solarium

The round solarium embodies the ultimate immersive experience with the sea offering breathtaking panoramic views.

Equipped with integrated solar panels, this sanctuary bathes guests in a radiant, soft, natural glow, granting a warm, eco-responsible ambience.

the clouds

The windscreen

Made from noble, crystal-clear transparent materials, this marvel of technology lets you merge harmoniously with your surroundings.

With a simple gesture, the circular glass pane disappears to create a perfect connection with the outside, allowing you to enjoy a gentle breeze and the caress of the sun while snuggled up in your cocoon.

the dream

The bed

Welcome to the realm of absolute comfort, where originality meets tranquility.

Imagine a perfectly round bed, a sanctuary in a gentle setting. Nestled in a luxurious suite, it offers a one-of-a-kind experience. A luxury paradise where your dreams and the majesty of the ocean meet in perfect harmony.



These magnificent creations, imbued with a refined aesthetic, perfectly combine opulence and functionality.

Their exquisite lines and harmonious curves, combined with meticulous attention to detail, characterize the fine craftsmanship that sets them apart.


The bathtub

This masterpiece features a revolutionary system that lets you choose between bathing in delicately filtered soft water or immersing yourself in exquisite salt water.

The tub’s flowing contours accentuate its majestic presence, while the harmonious overflow evokes a soothing waterfall.

Osmosis with Nature

Intimate & confidential alcove

50m2 eco-designed for 3 living spaces :

360° glass surfaceade of polished concrete, 360° panoramic view, underwater observatory, and a kitchenette.

The bedroom includes a round XL bed and an overflow round bathtub with sea or fresh water.

The lounge area with curved sofa and furniture m

Upstairs, overlooking the sea, the Solarium area can welcome up to 12 people.


Anthenea: The invitation to the voyage

There, all is order and beauty, luxury,
peace and pleasure.

Nature takes back its rights

Appreciate free time

Exceptional and ecological getaways without navigation skills. Its certification as a ship allows sailing in slow discovery mode.

Ecologie et

When the journey becomes eco-deluxe

Anthenea respects the place where she stays. Our pod can be equipped with solar panels available in two versions, 3 or 6 days autonomy.

The central well provides a natural air conditioning for tropical areas and allows diving into lagoon’s abyss.

A view never seen

A dream cocoon in the heart of the lagoon

Embarking on Anthenea, whose starfish name spontaneously invites you to travel, is betting on escape, exploration, reconnection with natural elements … the sea, the sky, the stars and the seabed.

Technical summary

Home automation on board for our high-tech and ultra-design deluxe pod :

  • Lighting and opening control from your smartphone

  • More stable than a boat (weight empty 7t, ballasted 18t) . The mass stability is added to the form stability.

  • Automatic butterfly door opening


36m² interior: shower room, round bed, round bath and double basins, sofa with underwater vision, dressing room, kitchenette and staircase to 14m² solarium with 360° vision, sunshade and retractable windscreen. Butterfly door and on-board home automation to manage all systems.

Customized offer

In order to fit with various uses, different interior design models are possible.
Anthenea’s team thus meet aesthetic requirements (colors, materials, etc.)
to offer you personalized interior design solutions…

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