The smart floating space

Anthénea made in France

Anthenea, a unique experience with the sea

Opening a window on the underwater world, Anthenea offers a magic living-space and invites you to live timeless moments in perfect harmony with Nature.

Adventurous, movable, unsinkable, autonomous,
Anthenea matches the environment
to instill an incredible feeling of freedom
to its guests.

A ship for

Also fit to inexperienced navigators, Anthenea offers endless possibilities to discover virgin territories.

A cozy

Aboard equipment meets the standards of the most well-known international hotels.


An eco-friendly

Anthenea has been conceived to embrace all kinds of natural environments without damaging Nature.

An eco-deluxe pod for a timeless experience

Anthenea is an adventurous alcove where travelers can live authentic and surprising experiences through island and terrestrial possibilities.

She offers a vision of the beauty of the world’s underwater in the heart of a calm and intact bubble.

An intense sensory experience aboard

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Choose your own Anthenea !

An eco-deluxe pod for timeless experience

Luxury hotel suite, spa-room or events space, Anthenea meets the needs of its guests for even more extraordinary journeys


Anthenea brings a solution to worldwide hotels with the first autonomous and eco-friendly  floating suite, equipped with high-end facilities.



Anthenea is the perfect place to offer a magical escape to your guests. She can be both delivered empty or in business version.

Private owners

Anthenea is a harmonious sanctuary which could become your daily or second house. Thanks to its autonomy, Anthenea invites you to freedom

Luxury, Comfort and Freedom

100 % made in France, eco-friendly and nomadic,  Anthenea is the key to approach the most confidential shores at the flora and fauna forefronts.

Guided tour

Adjustable sunshade roof

Solar panels

Panoramic bathtub

220 cm bedding diameter

12 solarium seaters

360° panoramic view

Adapted offer

In order to fit with various uses, different interior design models are possible..

Anthenea’s team thus meet aesthetic requirements (colors, materials, etc.)
to offer you personalized interior design solutions…

Back to the Origins

007 : A crazy dream and anticipation concerns


At the origins of this incredible project, there is the dream of Jean-Michel Ducancelle, Naval architect, directly inspired by James Bond’s floating pod in « The Spy Who Loved Me » , 1977.


For 25 years, Jean-Michel has been wondering about how humans can inhabit the Earth. He passionately cultivates the idea that tomorrow’s habitat should be at the heart of natural environment in order to offer to all, a life in an immersive marine & submarine world. He envisions a way to apprehend the future differently, with a solution for the increasing reduced availability of construction on the coast and a new look at the floating habitat.


His decisive meeting with the visionary industrial Jacques-Antoine Cesbron, enabled the culmination of such years of patented research and innovation.


With the birth of Anthenea, the dream has become reality …


They are talking about Anthenea...


Delivery of the 1st floating hotel suite in QATAR :

Departure from côtes d’armor at the end of April, stopover in Normandy in may, delivery of Anthenea 1 in DOHA in June 23.

Bravo to Triple Trend Design, thanks Mme AMAL AMEEN and Mr AMEEN.