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Anthenea: On Board Monitoring and Automation Suite

Anthenea On-Board

Anthenea includes a comprehensive monitoring and automation suite.

Developed Developed by our Engineering Department this system, known as « Anthenea On-Board, » connects all onboard equipment and displays data on control screens located throughout the pod and remotely on an online App available on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Anthenea On-Board is aimed at enhanceings the operator’s daily operations including preventive maintenance. Provided with an
intuitive home-automation-interface it maximizes the uniqueness of the experience for guests.

Benefits for Hotels and Resorts

Enhanced Guest Experience

  • Operational Efficiency: By keeping track of onboard systems, staff can easily ensure the pod is fully operational before guests’ check-in, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.
  •  Home Automation: Anthenea On-Board allows guests to control lighting, music, manage all openings or even to fill-in the bathtub from 3 screens dispatched at the main door, in the bath area and on the rooftop. Most of these controls can also be accessed from an online App with their mobile o

Proactive Maintenance

  • Routine maintenance: Routine diagnostics and real-time
    monitoring allow analysis of the actual usage of equipment and enable on- timed  proactive maintenance through notifications.
  • Cost Savings: Preventive maintenance 
    extends the lifespan of equipment. Thanks to the on-going follow-up of the actual equipment utilization, the routine maintenance can be done exactly when required and the risk of mismanagement is reduced to its maximum

Remote Management

  • Convenient Oversight: The supervision system can be remotely accessed via the web, allowing hotel and resort managers to even oversee multiple units from a central location.
  • Quick Response: hanks to real-time
    notifications, Anthenea On-Board swift response the management team and, ensures guest safety and comfort along their stay.

Features of Anthenea On-Board

Sensor and Connector Capabilities

  • Inputs: Capable of decoding digital and analog signals, reading variable voltage, variable current, resistive sensors, and dry contacts.
  • Connectors: Wago lever connectors facilitate maintenance and troubleshooting with tool-free use and act as multimeter measurement points.

Integrated Computer System

  • Real-Time Monitoring: The onboard computer, equipped with a custom-designed electronic card, interprets and executes user commands, continuously monitoring equipment status.
  • Safety Assurance: Executes user commands while ensuring the safety of people and equipment.
  • Event Logging: Maintains a log of events to assist with maintenance and troubleshooting.

Supervision System

  • Continuous Monitoring: Constantly monitors the status of onboard equipment, aggregating data for visualization on the administration interface.
  • Accessibility: The interface is available on Anthenea’s dashboard and via the web for remote management.

I/O Control Panels

  • Design: Designed by our engineers, these panels enable the computer to read sensor data and control equipment.
  • Inputs and Outputs: Over 170 inputs and outputs distributed across 7 control panels for autonomous operation of onboard equipment.
  • Indicator Lights: Equipped with indicator lights for quick assessment of operating status.
  • Load Capacity: Each output can supply a load of 15 amps, protected by three mechanisms:
    • Configurable electronic fuse
    • Fixed value electronic fuse
    • Automotive safety fuse
  • Fuse Management: If an electronic fuse is triggered, the reset button turns red, and the owner is notified via supervision. The fuse can be reset locally or remotely through our app.


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