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About Us

Founded by Jacques Antoine Cesbron, an Entrepreneur passionate about the sea and innovations, Anthenea was born in 2017 with the creation of a prototype, followed by its launch in 2018 nearby the actual site chosen for the future Anthenea Shipyard in Brittany.

At the heart of the Anthenea concept lies the growing interest of travelers in experiential stays. The goal is to enable a stay on the water without the constraints of navigation. To meet this demand, Anthenea must offer optimal comfort and, above all, ensure maximum stability and safety on board. Indeed, offering a unit that can be operated at sea represents a major challenge, quite different from floating solutions adapted to inland waters. The creation of a Design Office in 2019 aims to adapt the Anthenea model to the expectations of the hospitality market, to guarantee high-quality production, and to enable serial manufacturing.

In addition, a steering committee has been set up to oversee the process, ensuring a strategic vision and effective decision-making.

Our Steering Committee

Jacques-Antoine Cesbron

 Founder of Anthénea

Murielle Cesbron

Co-founder of Anthénea

Yannick Littoux 

Sales Director

Jean-François Roger

Technical Director

The inauguration of our shipyard in October 2021 marks an important milestone in our development, enabling us to grow from a team of 5 employees to over 20 people in the first months of production.

Enriched in home automation and controls compared to the initial prototype, the first Anthenea pods to be delivered from 2023 in Middle-Eastern countries such as Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman also focus on autonomy, including energy and wastewater management, so that experiential stays are also synonymous with respect for the environment.

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