Anthénea Lounge: The Insolite Food & Beverage Extension

A Floating Oasis of Exclusivity

The floating Lounge Bar is an innovative and stylish extension for any resort looking to provide an exceptional and memorable experience for its guests. Designed as an add-on module, this unique concept seamlessly blends casual luxury with the exclusivity of a floating setting.

This unique concept immerses your guests in both casual luxury and the natural environment.


Cozy Ambiance

The layout of the Lounge Bar is designed to promote an atmosphere of complete relaxation.

Capable of accommodating around twenty people, it offers a privileged space for those seeking a unique and relaxed experience.


A Window to the Sea

What truly sets the Lounge Bar apart are its two underwater views, giving guests an open window to the aquatic world.

Anthenea Lounge adds an immersive and exclusive dimension to your establishment.


Cocoons of Tranquility

Each alcove is a cocoon of tranquility, perfect for gathering with friends or family, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

These private spaces offer intimacy and a warm ambiance for moments of sharing and relaxation.

Connectivity and Space Without Compromise

The floating Lounge Bar is more than just a relaxation space; it's a promise of escape, comfort, and discovery. By choosing to add this extension to your resort, you offer your guests not only a remarkable place to relax and socialize but also an enriching experience that will be remembered.

An Anthénea for all your needs

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