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Experience the Anthénea Suite:
A Journey of Luxury and Romance

Indulge in a Romantic and Luxurious Escape

Crafted to deliver an intimate and unforgettable experience, the Anthénea Suite sets the stage for a magical honeymoon or a memorable romantic getaway.

Every detail is meticulously designed to create an ambiance of luxury and serenity immersed in the marine environment, allowing couples to reconnect in an elegant and private setting.

Whether celebrating a special moment or simply seeking respite from daily life, the Anthénea Suite offers a unique escape where love and luxury harmoniously intertwine.

The Solarium

On Anthénea’s rooftop, embark on the ultimate seaside experience.

Enjoy a panoramic view of your surroundings while comfortably nestled under the parasol and panoramic windshield.

Controlled via onboard touchscreens, the parasol and windshield offer various configurations to suit your preferences.

Parasol and Wind Screen

Controllable thanks to the touch screens on board, the parasol and the wind screen offer different configurations.

The Sleeping Experience

In the Anthénea Suite, the round bed measuring 2.15 meters in diameter provides a true oasis of comfort, combining generous space and intimacy for an unparalleled relaxation experience.

Wellness Space

Experience a refined bathroom atmosphere at Anthénea where aesthetics and functionality seamlessly converge.

From exquisite lines to harmonious curves, each element reflects meticulous attention to detail, highlighting the high-quality craftsmanship that distinguishes Anthénea Suite.

Underwater Vision

The underwater vision creates a unique immersive experience, offering visitors a direct window to the aquatic world.

This underwater panorama allows for a close observation of marine life, transforming every moment into a privileged viewing of the wonders of the ocean, from the comfort of their sofa.

Technical Specifications

This high-tech luxury capsule with ultra-modern design features advanced home automation, allowing control of lights and openings via smartphone, as well as equipment monitoring and maintenance. 

Its stability surpasses that of a boat, weighing 13 tons when empty and 21 tons when ballasted, combining shape and mass stability. It also boasts an automatic butterfly door for seamless access.

Adjustable parasol roof

Solarium 11 places

Underwater view

Baignoire panoramique

Solar panels

360° retractable window

360° glazed surface

Literie 215 cm

An Anthénea for all your needs

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