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Anthénea: Shipyard & Expertise
Made in France

Anthénea: Shipyard & Expertise
Made in France

Our Shipyard

Our 3,200 square meter shipyard has been specifically designed to perfectly meet our production needs. Imagined to optimize each manufacturing step, it reflects our optimal organization by profession, thereby facilitating collaborative work and excellence.

Our approach is part of a strong desire to value French industrial heritage by combining technological innovation with respect for traditional know-how. Every step, from assembly to finishing, is carried out with the utmost care by our teams, thus guaranteeing high-quality products, true to the spirit of excellence and authenticity that defines the Anthénea brand.

The Anthénea Team

Passion et Expertise

At Anthénea, we firmly believe that diversity is our greatest strength. Our team is made up of talents from all walks of life, from cabinetmakers to luxury craftsmen, industry professionals, nautical specialists, and seasoned sailors. This rich mosaic of skills is led and inspired by the experience and vision of our founder.

Our design office is at the heart of our innovation approach. Using cutting-edge engineering software tools, we model all parts and systems in 3D to ensure precision and excellence in the design of our products. Close collaboration between our design office, our purchasing services, and our stores ensures maximum coherence and efficiency in the development of our creations.

A Technical Challenge

Innovation and Quality

The Anthénea product represents an unprecedented technical challenge. Far from simple cabins installed on pontoons, our creations offer a new and unprecedented experience in the market. This challenge is amplified by the constraints of the marine environment, which demands a rigorous and innovative approach, especially in terms of safety and stability.
Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by strict control at every stage of manufacturing. We tackle technical challenges with boldness and precision, to ensure that each Anthénea is not only unique but also durable and respectful of its marine environment.

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