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Anthénea: Innovation for Hospitality​​

Revolutionizing your Resort’s Experience

Financial Advantages

Experience a remarkable return on investment (ROI) with ANTHENEA’s pioneering concept, boasting significantly higher Average Daily Rates (ADR) compared to conventional hotels.

Our immersive experience ensures a consistently high occupancy rate (OCR), maximizing the potential of your investment.

Immersive Excellence

Embark on a journey like no other as ANTHENEA introduces a new dimension to your establishment.

Our floating pods, offering breathtaking underwater views, immerse your guests in a sensory adventure amidst the sea. Here, they can unwind in serene seclusion, disconnecting from the world in unparalleled tranquility.


Prioritizing sustainability, ANTHENEA pods are designed and equipped for minimal environmental impact.

Installation requires no heavy construction and operations do not generate any pollution, aligning with eco-friendly tourism ideals.

Our solution satisfies the expectations of guests passionate about preserving natural beauty.

Investment Simplified

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Experience complete autonomy with ANTHENEA’s pods, which produce their own energy through solar panels and can be equipped with a freshwater maker. 

No terrestrial network connection is necessary, ensuring self-sufficiency and reducing carbon footprint.

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Environmental Stewardship : ANTHENEA’s ecological design ensures minimal disruption to coastlines and marine environments, safeguarding local biodiversity.

Our commitment to environmental preservation is unwavering, reflecting our dedication to responsible tourism.

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Unmatched Security and Control : Equipped with advanced monitoring systems, operators can remotely manage equipment on their pods, providing peace of mind to guests and ensuring a seamless experience.

Reception Transportation Delivery


Step 1
Factory reception

ANTHÉNEA is received by you directly at the shipyard in France.

Our teams are on hand to check that your boat conforms to specifications.

Step 2

After reception, ANTHÉNEA is fully protected and loaded on its way to your destination.

Step 3

Our teams are on hand on arrival to take delivery of ANTHÉNEA alongside you.

They will help you install and get to grips with ANTHÉNEA on site.

An Anthénea for all your needs

Anthénea Village

A Range of Hotel Suites Worthy of the Sea

The “village” concept allows for the grouping of multiple units, all connected by a floating pontoon. According to needs, some units can house additional services for hotels: diving, spa, bar, etc.


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